Package Holidays
Package holidays are some of the easiest trips to go on. They are great for family vacations as they often include Flights, Accommodation and Transfers. This means that once booked, all you need to worry about is getting to the airport and activities to do while you’re there. A package holiday could also be considered a stress free vacation as the holiday company/agent you are booking from should be doing a lot of the organising for you. 

When booking a package holiday sometimes you can get the below included: 

* Bed and Breakfast – This is where you’d get breakfast included as part of the package. 

* Half Board – Where you’d get bed, breakfast and one other meal included.

* All inclusive – Where you’d get all meals included as well as certain drinks. The drinks would often be local beer and wine plus soft drinks.
Safaris can often be taken in Africa and are a nature based trip where you go into the wild, often on a guided tour, and will see animals in their local habitat. In Africa you may see such things as elephants, lions, zebras, giraffes and many other types of animals.
Backpacking trips tend to be good for people who travel for long periods of time, often planning and booking new trips and experiences as they go. Backpackers would often have tight budgets so as to travel for as long as possible and will often stay in hostels and may also travel solo.